All Peoples' COVID Update

January 18, 2022

After further review of COVID numbers in our area, the church council has decided to extend our digital-only worship plan for the next 2 Sundays (January 23 & 30) to ensure the safety of our congregation. At that time, council will again reevaluate to assess our safest plan moving forward. We feel incredibly optimistic about being able to return to a hybrid (digital & in-person) worship by February!

This will also mean delaying our annual meeting so that the greatest number of people will be able to safely gather for this important congregational meeting. It will instead take place on Sunday, February 27.

    January 6, 2022
Dear Siblings in Christ,

Grace and peace be with you all in the name of God, our guiding star and our resting place.

After careful and prayerful deliberation, the APGC church council has decided to follow the advice of medical and spiritual leaders by returning to distanced worship practices temporarily. With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID and the current strain on our medical facilities, we will move to online only worship as we have done in the past. Everyone is able to access worship on our Facebook page (, regardless of your person participation in Facebook, by clicking on our live video. Church council will be watching numbers closely and reevaluate in two weeks when we have our regularly scheduled council meeting, at which time we will update you as well.

I understand that this comes as a disappointment to all of us after 3 months of being able to worship together in our beautiful sanctuary. It can feel like a step backwards. We are exhausted physically, mentally, and spiritually from this long, nearly 2 year road through rocky COVID terrain. Even thought we know that New Years Day isn’t some kind of magic restart button, my heart has certainly been longing for that option. While our frustration is completely understandable, I want to remind you that this is not a move back to the starting line. Life is vastly different now. We have vaccinations and boosters readily available (please get your vaccine if you are able). We know so much more about how this virus moves and spreads and, most importantly, how we can work together to slow that spread! Everything that we are seeing about this particular variant globally is that while the spike is dramatic, the decline back to safe levels also seems to happen relatively quickly. I have complete faith that this will be a short and important act of love for each other and our neighbor!

As I write you this letter, we are observing the holy day of Epiphany. It is the official end of Christmas when the magi traveling from afar, make their way to encounter the very embodiment of Love, led only by a mysterious star. This is an especially powerful story for us in this moment of uncertainty and exhaustion. The road continues to be difficult and the journey tiring. Yet, the whole purpose is that we can encounter Love. Not a far off idea of love but love that lives and breaths life into each of us; the same love that calls us to care for each other even (especially?) when it’s not comfortable. Remember we never travel this hard love road by ourselves. God, in beautiful and surprising ways, continues to illuminate our path with that same mysterious star. Keep watching the sky, beloved. God is always leading us to Love.

Walking with you in the brightness of God,

Rev. Lindsey Beukelman


    The church office phone will be forwarded to Anna and be operational just as if it were a regular week with office hours from 9am-1pm Monday-Thursday.

    If you have any pastoral care needs, would like me to bring communion by your home, or just need to pray together, please know that my cell phone is always with me and that you are always welcome to call. If I am unable to answer at the moment, leave a message or a text and I will return your call as soon as possible.


    If you or someone from our church family is in need of additional support (groceries, access to medications, etc), we are at the ready to help our community care for each other. Please contact the church office or my cell phone and we will work together to make sure everyone is as safe and cared for as possible.


    St. Vincent DePaul is moving to providing evening meals to-go. They will still be available Monday-Friday but will be able to be picked up anytime between 4:15-6:15pm. Anyone is welcome to come and get a meal if you need that support but you need to be present to receive the meal.


    We continue to rely on the faithful giving of our community to sustain the ministries of the church and ask that you consider giving electronically through our website or by mailing in your offering during this time.