All Peoples' COVID Update

August 18, 2021

Dear Church family, 

Grace and peace be with you all in the name of God, our guiding hand and our firm foundation.

It’s hard to believe, but Fall is just around the corner! We continue to encounter a whole host of emotions as we start yet another school year with so many things up in the air and the pandemic landscape continually shifting under our feet. I am so grateful for the amazing leadership of our church council that continues to faithfully look forward to where God is calling us and bravely take the next right step. At our August church council meeting the council discerned that our ‘next right step’ is to work toward moving worship back into the sanctuary on Sunday, October 3! (*cue fireworks and giant marching band*) This date gives us the advantage of a bit more time outdoors with better air circulation while we figure out the best way to keep people safe in the building, especially as the weather begins to turn colder. After we are back inside, we will continue to have livestream as an option and encourage people to join us digitally if anyone in your household is sick or if you feel more comfortable knowing your risk factors. 

We are very excited about the return to service inside the sanctuary and as we do, concern for the most vulnerable among us will always be our primary goal. Upon entering, you are required to be masked, regardless of vaccination status, and will be offered hand sanitizer as you are ushered to your seat. Pews will be marked to indicate where households can sit so as to adhere to social distancing practices. We ask that folks refrain from moving around the sanctuary during the service and stay distanced from other households while you are physically in the building. I know it will feel foreign to us but any hugs/handshakes/etc will need to wait until we have left the worship space. You are also encouraged to ask permission before you engage in any contact, respecting the wide range of comfort levels and vulnerability people are holding.

We are feeling confident with this decision, but will continue to hold this plan loosely as we monitor numbers and the impact of this wave on our community. Continue to be vigilant, beloved! Get vaccinated and encourage others to do so as well. Mask when you are in public. Look out for the kiddos and those with compromised immune systems.  But most importantly, dust off those tambourines, grab your Bible, and be ready to bring your whole self to worship our Amazing God!

With you in Christ,

Rev. Lindsey Beukelman

Pastor Lindsey Beukelman


    The church office phone will be forwarded to Anna and be operational just as if it were a regular week with office hours from 9am-1pm Monday-Thursday.

    If you have any pastoral care needs, would like me to bring communion by your home, or just need to pray together, please know that my cell phone is always with me and that you are always welcome to call. If I am unable to answer at the moment, leave a message or a text and I will return your call as soon as possible.


    If you or someone from our church family is in need of additional support (groceries, access to medications, etc), we are at the ready to help our community care for each other. Please contact the church office or my cell phone and we will work together to make sure everyone is as safe and cared for as possible.


    St. Vincent DePaul is moving to providing evening meals to-go. They will still be available Monday-Friday but will be able to be picked up anytime between 4:15-6:15pm. Anyone is welcome to come and get a meal if you need that support but you need to be present to receive the meal.


    We continue to rely on the faithful giving of our community to sustain the ministries of the church and ask that you consider giving electronically through our website or by mailing in your offering during this time.