Welcome to All Peoples Church!

  • What will I see

    Our community is diverse in all ways. We are African-American, Anglo, Latino, and African. We have folks that are wealthy, folks that are barely making ends meet, and everything in-between. Over half of our congregation is under the age of 25.

  • What will I hear?

    First, you will hear excellent music! Our musicians play just about everything from contemporary gospel to traditional spirituals and even some reggae. The Good News of Jesus is preached which is a message of hope, grace, and love. It is a message of radical welcome.

  • How should I dress?

    We have people at church that are wearing Sunday best sitting next to people that are experiencing homelessness. We have kids that wear baggy shorts and adults that wear khakis. Please dress however you are most comfortable. It doesn't matter to us!

  • Where are children during worship?

    One of our most cherished tenants at All Peoples Church is "children come first"! That means many things to us but one of those things is that children are full participants in worship. They are encouraged to join a children's message, share their prayers during the prayers of the people, and join us in making a joyful noise to the Lord with rhythm instruments. We welcome their questions, their noises, their silliness, their worries, and their faith!

  • How do I enter the building?

    There are two sets of doors that you can use to enter All Peoples. The main door opens onto 2nd Street. The second door is at the back of the church and faces out onto Clark. For this door you will walk through a semi enclosed walkway before reaching the building entrance.

  • Transportation Options

    All Peoples is very accessible regardless of your transportation options. The 21 & 22 bus lines run within blocks of the church and there are bike racks available as well. There is also parking available in the church's parking lot (across Clark from the church) as well as ample street parking.