New Logo Voting

We have been working for several months on a brand new communication plan for life at All Peoples. Included in that work has been working with a designer (with the help of Mark Davis) to create a brand new logo! We have got it narrowed down to some of the last pieces before it gets sent into the final 'real deal' logo creation stage and WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

Here is some information about the basic logo structure.

  • We have the church building with the doors wide open in welcome.
  • To the left of the building is the greenhouse obviously a nod to all of our garden and food justice work.
  • The rainbow path is the colors of the updated pride flag (including black and brown) to symbolize our welcome of all people and a path that leads people to the house of God.

Now what we need your help with is to decide how the stained glass window should look. There are 3 different options that are represented in the pictures in this post. Each picture has a little description with it to explain what is happening in that logo.

Take a look at the different images and let us know which is your favorite either by sending an email to, texting it to the office phone number (414)264-1616 or responding to the poll on our Facebook Members & Friends group. We need all of your responses in by this coming Sunday, September 12th so that our designer can move ahead. Happy voting everyone!


  • Logo Design #1


    This version of the logo shows the stained glass with different colors in a hexagon shape, with black and brown equals sign in the middle

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  • Logo Design #2


    This version of the logo shows the stained glass with an overlap of colors, a bit more soft and friendly.

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  • Logo #3

    Growing Plant

    This version of the logo shows the stained glass with a plant with a curved stem dividing up the stained glass. Currently gray scale but could also change the colors. 

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