Our Mission

The mission of All Peoples Church is to...

Let the Glory of the Lord rise among us

Our core values show how we see glory rising:

  • Kids Come First
  • We Make Disciples
  • We Serve Soul Food
  • We Partner for Justice
  • We Provide Sacred Space
  • All Peoples means ALL PEOPLES

We Believe...

  • ... that we glorify God by living our faith out loud.

    We are told in scripture that faith without works is dead and we see that most clearly in the living, teaching, healing, dying, and rising of Jesus Christ.  All Peoples is committed to living, in word and deed, an active faith that shares the good news of the Christ's saving love.

  • ... God's table is open to all!

    We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion at both of our services every Sunday and everyone, without exception, is welcome to partake in this amazing gift of grace! Because it is Christ's table, it is open to all.

    In an effort to help all feel welcome at the table, we offer grape juice and gluten free bread. We all share in this one bread and one cup to experience the fullness of God's presence.

  • ... we can see the holiness of God in all of creation.

    We celebrate holy ground through the care of our buildings, the reclaiming of vacant lots for our garden and orchard and by our commitment to the city.

  • ...'Black Lives Matter' is a Theological Statement.

    Racism corrupts all aspects of society in the USA. It is the product of sin, power, and privilege, embedded in systems of oppression. As a multi-cultural congregation, we are committed to dismantle racist structures in the church and support efforts to create a more just society.

  • ... the holiness of God dwells in people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, & gender expressions.

    All Peoples as an "RIC" congregation makes a declaration that all people - gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, cis-gender and heterosexual - are welcomed and affirmed in our congregation. We recognize the unique gifts that LGBTQ+ people bring to fuller expression of God and the body of Christ. We hope that you will bring your full self to this community!

  • ... welcoming immigrants is a biblical imperative.

    All Peoples is a welcoming congregation striving toward the goals of the 2012 concordat. We pledge to welcome migrants into our community with love and appreciation. We will work through accompaniment to help migrants thrive in their new community.

    An excerpt from the Concordat for Companion Synods, drafted November 2012 in San Salvador, El Salvador.

    We recognize that the theme of migration between nations is complex, transcending the pastoral and diaconal work that we do in the churches. Regardless, we are called to reflect profoundly, ethically, morally, spiritually, and pastorally, seeking alternative responses to the great needs of this sector.

    We recognize the intense efforts that others have made in this area and the accomplishments that they have achieved in the arenas of organization and the respect for the urgency of the situation. However, much more is required in order to overcome the serious problems experienced by migrants before, during and after they reach their destinations. Our roles need to include orientation, accompaniment, education and the demand for holistic justice.

    We are sure that the problem of migrations has its roots in the lack of real opportunities in the areas of employment, education, security and recreation that are aggravated by the poverty, misery and marginalization that characterizes the migrants' country of origin and that require them to immigrate to the United States and other countries seeking the "American Dream," too often at the cost of their own lives and their families, and saddest of all, without the certainty that they will achieve their goal.

    For this reason, we have come together in El Salvador under the theme: "Because the earth is God's creation, no one in any part of the world is illegal."