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When we say Kids Come First, this means every decision we make asks the question, "How does this impact the faith lives of children and their families?" This is true in programs, in budgets, in staffing, in worship. It is also why half our congregation is under the age of 25.

Kids Working To Succeed

Due to staff changes, we are taking a short break from KWTS this summer.  

While this specific program isn't happening this summer, the garden absolutely is! We hope that you will take some time to come and tend the garden and maybe even join in the Monday youth Bible Study! 


This program focuses on three areas for youth:

Discipleship - becoming  follower of Jesus within the All Peoples Community. Job Training - instilling a hard work ethic combined with basic financial understanding Leadership - high school students supervise younger children

Our work ministry continues on Saturdays during the school year. We will teach children ages 8-16 about a strong work ethic, Christian values, and money management. Youth ages 10 and up are given a gift of $15 each work day (8 and 9 year olds get $10 each day). Workers must attend worship the Sunday before. The program is designed for youth that do not have a church home and want to learn about Jesus at All Peoples. Come to worship to see the work schedule. 


High school youth group

Build Learn And Serve Together

BLAST is our high school youth group. Our High School youth group meets during Wednesday Night Alive from 6:15-7:15pm.

Lil' Sprouts (ages 4-7)

Lil' Sprouts is a fun morning of singing, crafts, playing in the garden and learning Bible stories. Our children spend time with volunteers and parents are encouraged to participate. Lil' Sprouts happens on the 1st Sunday of the Month during each service.

Rites of Passage / Confirmation

Confirmation is part of a Rites of Passage program that includes faith building for youth (typically middle school or high school students). All middle school and any high school students that chooses can attend the confirmation class. Sign up for confirmation with the Pastor.