Connecting with Faith

Even though we are unable to meet in many of our usual ways, it is important to continue to take intentional time to connect with God and explore our faith. Look at all the suggestions below and find what works best for you!

  • Virtual Worship & Bible Study

    We will be connecting weekly for Sunday worship at 10:45am on Facebook. Join us live or participate later by listening to the video on Facebook or shared on our website.

    We will also be putting together a virtual daily bible study via Zoom with churches around the country. Keep your eyes open for more information about when this will begin and how you might connect.

  • Daily Prayer

    For hundreds of years, Christians have observed prayer and worship at specific times of the day so as to frame their daily life with the Divine. There are all kinds of different ways this has looked through time but has also helped the people of God to gather together at the same time even if they are in different places. In that moment, we are united in mind and spirit! 

    So join Pr. Lindsey and other people of faith around the world in observing the daily office of prayer by following these specific times:

    7AM (Or as soon as you wake) - Morning Prayer

    NOON - Midday Prayer

    7PM - Evening Prayer

    10PM (Or whenever you go to sleep) - Night Prayer

  • Devotion stroll around the church

    Walk around the outdoor space around church! There will be scriptures hung around & different devotions available for you to participate in when you stroll through the garden or enjoy some time on the church steps. 

  • Go on a prayer walk

    Take some time to walk around your neighborhood, in person or virtually by following streets on a map. As you walk, stop at different places to pray for people, businesses, social services, etc. Wrap our communities in prayer!

  • Meet God in the wilderness

    It's easy to feel stir crazy if we spend more time in our homes that we might usually. Be sure to get out into your yard, walk through a park, breathe in God's presence as you notice all the beauty surrounding you in God's creation!