Worship is an essential part of the All Peoples experience. It is here that we encounter the good news of Jesus and respond in praise. Expect a powerful message of love, justice and grace. Expect to see folks like you and folks that are different from you. Expect very uplifting and lively music. Expect the Holy Spirit to show up. And expect to meet a LOT of new friends.


conversation. worship. fellowship.

BIBLE STUDY @ 9:30am

Every Sunday morning will begin with time of study and thoughtful conversation of scripture and the way in which it intersects with our daily lives. This is an open, casual conversation and is welcome to folks of all interests and experiences with scripture and religion. 

WORSHIP @ 10:45am

We begin worship with a casual time of praise, song, and announcements as we gather together in the name of Jesus.

Usually we begin the more structured part of our worship together around 10:15am or so.  This time together is centered around the Word of God spoken through scripture, preaching, and Spirit filled prayer.  Every week, we receive the grace of God through Holy Communion, the body and blood of Jesus.  

Our worship is flexible and always has space for people to enter late or leave early depending on what their schedule allows. 


(or whenever worship finishes)

After being filled by the Spirit through our worship, we enjoy a time of fellowship, including some light refreshments. It is a wonderful chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones!