APC Praying Together

"Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you."

Jeremiah 29:12

Prayer is critical to our life as a congregation and our life as followers of Jesus Christ.  Listed below you will find a list of the things that we are praying for together as a community this week. 

The list is generated by prayers from Sunday morning worship and individual submission. If you have a prayer request, please CLICK HERE to connect with Pr. Lindsey.

Prayer List

  • Prayers for Tina and her surgery
  • Prayers for the West Coast and the wildfires
  • Praising God for the abundance in our Garden
  • Prayers of thanksgiving for the gift of forgiveness
  • Prayers for the grandparents
  • Prayers for our community
  • Prayers for Carolyn
  • We pray with our brothers and sisters in our sister church community, Los Héroes, in El Salvador, here are there prayers that we pray with them for:
    • The Lord is our strength, our rock and salvation.  We give thanks to God for always being with us, for listening to our prayers and for forgiving us.
    • We send a spiritual hug to all of the families impacted by the tragedy of this day,19 years ago in the United States.  We pray especially for the family members who remember the loss of their loved ones in the tragedy.
    • We pray for the health of Grandpa Antonio who has been hospitalized and needs healing for his lungs.
    • We pray for Grandma Angela, that she not feel alone during this struggle with her health.
    • We pray for all the petitions submitted by our sister churches in Wisconsin.
    • We pray for the leaders of Los Héroes en la Fe, that we can be good examples for our own congregation and our sister church congregations, that our hearts may shine for God and that we have a lot of patience in our work.
    • We pray for Uncle Nelson who lives in the US who has grave head pain.  May God who is the best doctor heal our Uncle who is so far away.
    • We pray for Morena's mother who is in very poor health but has faith that God will heal her.
    • We pray for Papa Santiago (Pastor Santiago's father) who is sick, and for Mama Nena, that God help us to care for them. (They are worried Papa has Covid-19).  We pray for all of our elders, and for all families who have lost elders due to Covid-19.
    • We pray for our sister churches who give us a great example of faith.  We are better together.